Official Final Fantasy XIV Fansite Kits

Final Fantasy XIV Screenshot 1-19

Final Fantasy XIV Screenshot 1-19

Game Title: Final Fantasy XIV

Publisher: Square Enix

Developer: Square Enix

Platform: PlayStation 3, PC

Category: MMORPG

About: Embark on the myriad journeys of an epic in FINAL FANTASY XIV, the revolutionary MMORPG from Square Enix. As denizens of the new and visually stunning realm of Eorzea, players will actively engage in compelling storylines narrated through high-definition, real-time events featuring the players’ own highly personalized and versatile characters.

While exploring even the farthest reaches of this magnificent world, adventurers are given the freedom to entirely alter their gameplay experience by simply swapping out equipment, and realize objectives with or without the aid of others. The entire experience is crafted to accommodate the widest variety of play styles-from the lone mercenary with only moments a day to spare, to the legion of comrades campaigning for days on end, and every combination in between.

Join players from around the world in an adventure of infinite possibilities.

Fansite Kits:

Final Fantasy XIV Fansite Kit – First Installment [.zip] (264MB)

Kit Assets: Concept Art, Icons, Images, Logos, Maps, Screenshots

Final Fantasy XIV Fansite Kit – Second Installment [.zip] (165MB)

Kit Assets: Icons, Images, Screenshots

Legal: FINAL FANTASY® XIV Materials Usage Policy

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