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Final Fantasy XIV Screenshot 1-19

Final Fantasy XIV Screenshot 1-19

Game Title: Final Fantasy XIV

Publisher: Square Enix

Developer: Square Enix

Platform: PlayStation 3, PC

Category: MMORPG

About: Embark on the myriad journeys of an epic in FINAL FANTASY XIV, the revolutionary MMORPG from Square Enix. As denizens of the new and visually stunning realm of Eorzea, players will actively engage in compelling storylines narrated through high-definition, real-time events featuring the players’ own highly personalized and versatile characters.

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Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

Video Title: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

Game Title: Final Fantasy XIII

Publisher: Square Enix

Developer: Square Enix

Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Category: RPG

About: Cocoon — a utopia in the sky. Its inhabitants believed their world a paradise.

Under the Sanctum’s rule, Cocoon had long known peace and prosperity.

Mankind was blessed by its protectors, the benevolent fal’Cie, and believed that tranquil days would continue forever.

Their tranquility was shattered with the discovery of one hostile fal’Cie.

The moment that fal’Cie from Pulse — the feared and detested lowerworld — awoke from its slumber, peace on Cocoon came to an end.

Fal’Cie curse humans, turning them into magic-wielding servants.

They become l’Cie — chosen of the fal’Cie.

Those branded with the mark of a l’Cie carry the burden of either fulfilling their Focus or facing a fateharsher than death itself.

A prayer for redemption.

A wish to protect the world.

A promise to challenge destiny.

After thirteen days of fates intertwined, the battle begins.

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God of War III Trailer

Video Title: God of War III Trailer

Game Title: God of War III

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment

Platform: PlayStation 3

Category: Action Adventure

About: March 16th Kratos will charge forward in his unrelenting crusade against all of Olympus on his quest to destroy the mighty Zeus. However, there was a time, long ago, when Kratos was a mortal, and captain of the Spartan Army.

Discover how his story began.

Uncover the mythos and experience the journey Kratos has taken on his Path to Olympus.

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