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EVE Online Tyrannis Wallpaper 03

EVE Online Tyrannis Wallpaper 03

Game Title: EVE Online

Publisher: CCP

Developer: CCP

Platform: PC, Mac

Category: MMORPG Space Simulation

About: EVE takes place in a cluster of stars far from mankind’s original habitat, planet Earth. How far away, and whether or not that cradle of civilization still exists, is a mystery. Humans arrived through a natural wormhole and, gazing up upon an alien sky they had never seen, were completely unable to determine where this new world was located. From the New Eden solar system, where the gate of EVE once led to the old world, humans expanded in all directions at a furious pace, exploring and colonizing rapidly.

Then, unexpectedly and seemingly unprovoked, the EVE gate collapsed in an apocalyptic catastrophe of a scale never before witnessed by the human race, ruining the New Eden system in the process. Thousands of small colonies were left in complete isolation to fend for themselves, cut off from the old world. For millennia they endured, clinging to the brink of extinction, and only a handful managed to survive.

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Official Civilization IV Fansite Kits

Civilization IV Globe Screenshot

Civilization IV Globe Screenshot

Game Title: Sid Meier’s Civilization IV

Publisher: 2K Games

Developer: Firaxis Games

Platform: PC

Category: Strategy

About: Civilization IV features gorgeous 3D graphics, loads of in-game movies, brilliant audio and music, and, most importantly, the best and most addictive gameplay of any strategy game ever created. As a matter of fact, Time magazine has named Civ IV one of the hottest new games this year!

Sid Meier’s Civilization is a turn-based strategy game that challenges players to build and expand an empire, throughout all of human history, and become the most powerful ruler in the world. Choose one of 18 nations to lead and go head to head with some of the most famous leaders in history. Each civilization has its own special characteristics – some are fairly peaceful, while others are expansionists and conquerors. You’ll battle your foes with a huge arsenal of weapons, beginning with primitive archers and warriors, then catapults, knights and frigates, and eventually with modern tanks, submarines, mobile infantry, helicopter gunships, stealth bombers, and nuclear weapons. However, Civilization IV is more than just a great combat game: you can also achieve victory through diplomatic cunning, cultural or religious alliances, and technological dominance.

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Wallpaper Lineage 2 Gracia The 2nd Throne

Lineage 2 Gracia The 2nd Throne Wallpaper

Lineage 2 Gracia The 2nd Throne Wallpaper

Game Title: Lineage 2 Gracia The 2nd Throne

Lineage® II is a beautiful, war-torn land where trust is critical and betrayal is inevitable as players fight for glory and clans struggle for political supremacy.

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